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High Pressure Treatment

Equipment for the treatment of timber to be use for outdoor applications (Use Class 3 & Above)

High Pressure Treatment - Capacity (8.5m³ to 85.0m³) Volume per Charge
8.5m³ to 85.0m³
High Pressure Treatment - Duration (Up to 3 hours) Charge Duration
Up to 3 hours
High Pressure Treatment - Productivity (From 6000m³) Throughput per Year
From 6000m³
High Pressure Treatment - Treatment Type (Water Based) Treatment Type
Water Based
High Pressure Treatment - Class Type (3A, 3B, 4) Class Type
3A, 3B, 4
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High pressure impregnation

For over 20 years Timber Preservation Technologies have designed built, tested and commissioned many innovative timber treatment plants that utilise cutting edge engineering technologies.

Our experience allows us to supply you with the technology to utilise the latest generation of water-based preservatives for wood preservation. 


When to use High pressure treatment?

When timbers are going to be used outdoors high pressure treatment is required. This relates back to the Use Class system, and you can see the classes below which are relevant to high pressure treatment: –

Use Class 3a – Also referred to as Use Class 3 Coated. This is the first level for timber to be used outdoors and above ground e.g. window frames.

Use Class 3b – Also referred to as Use Class 3 Uncoated. These are external timbers that remain above the ground e.g. fence panels/rails.

Use Class 4 – This Use Class is used for timber where direct soil or water contact will occur. Examples include fence posts and decking structures that will be sunk into the ground.

High pressure treatment uses pressures of up to 14bar and a water based treatment which helps it to better withstand all the additional enemies which attack timber which is being used outdoors.


Treatment VesselØ1.2m – Ø3.6m
Treatment Vessel Length6.0m – 30.0m (Single Piece)
PressureFull Vacuum to up to 15bar g
LayoutStorage Tank Below
Storage Tank Above
Storage Tank to Side
Multiple Storage Tanks
Storage TanksHorizontal Rectangular
Horizontal Cylindrical
Vertical Cylindrical
Vacuum SystemSingle Pump
Double Pump
Triple Pump
Fluid Transfer SystemVacuum Fill & Gravity Empty
Vacuum Fill & Pump Empty
Vacuum Fill & Air Pressure Empty
Pump Fill & Gravity Empty
Pump Fill & Pump Empty
Pack ClampingHydraulically Operated
BundSteel Bund attached to Storage Tank
Fully Independent Steel Bund
Timber Handling SystemSingle Elevated Rail track
Single in Ground Rail track
Double Transfer Car Rail track
Lay by System – Manual, Semi Automated or Fully Automated
Mixing SystemTo suit all preservative suppliers’ requirements
Control SystemTPT OptiTreat
TPT OptiTrak
From any preservative supplier as required

  1. Timber charge is sealed in the treatment vessel
  2. Vacuum applied causing timber cells to be evacuated of air
  3. Vessel is flooded while the vacuum is maintained
  4. Preservative is forced into the timber under hydraulic pressure
  5. Vessel is emptied
  6. Low pressure inside treatment vessel draws in surface solution when vented to atmosphere
  7. Vacuum applied to the timber again to evacuate left over preservative
  8. Left over preservative is recovered to the storage tank
  9. Timber charge removed from treatment vessel

All equipment can be supplied either Ex-Works or Fully Installed, whichever works best for you. We have access to a wide network of transport, crane and plant hire providers to allow us to achieve even the most complicated of installations.

We also have our own lifting equipment including the following: –

  • Reachstacker capable of lifting 45T
  • Wheeled Hydraulic Lifting Frame capable of lifting 80T
  • 2no. 10T Fork Lift Trucks

Any of these can be transported to site if the job requires it.


For more information or to get a quote call us on +44 (0)16973 51027 or email info@timbertreatmentsolutions.com


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The importance of effective and environmentally sustainable wood preservation methods cannot be overstated. Our many years in the industry (under the Tweddle Engineering brand) led to the development of a range of wood preservation techniques, and some brand new, award winning timber treatment technologies! The importance of timber treatment is unlikely to wane so learn how our innovative wood treatment technology solutions benefited these companies!

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