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An economical answer to wood treatment

Dipping - Capacity (Up to 35.0m³) Volume per Charge
Up to 35.0m³
Dipping - Duration (Up to 1 hour) Charge Duration
Up to 1 hour
Dipping - ood Type (Fence Panels) Commodity Examples
Fence Panels
Dipping - Treatment Type (Water Based) Treatment Type
Water Based
Dipping - Class Type (1 & 2 ) Class Type
1 & 2
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Dip treatment is a common method of applying preservative to timber in bulk. Dipping treatment is exactly as it sounds – the wood panel is dipped into a treatment bath and fully submerged. Dip tanks can contain water-based or solvent-based preservative.

Treating wood through dipping treatment helps to protect the timber from rot and insect attacks.

This process is quicker and less expensive to carry out making it a popular method in the timber treatment industry.

This method is popular due to it being a faster way to treat panels and is an efficient and economical process.

Timber Preservation Technologies dip tanks are manufactured to meet your needs.

If you are looking for an efficient and economical answer to timber treatment.


Dipping Tank Any size to suit packs
SteelCarbon or Stainless Steel
OperationManual or Automatic
Post Dip Tilting
Product Mixing/Dosing System
Product Drip Trays
Conveyors lead on to a tilting drip-off section
Full Automation
  1. Wooden products placed on to dipping framework
  2. Products help down either by straps or a hydraulic anti-floating device.
  3. The products move vertically down into the tank.
  4. Products are immersed in to dipping tank which is filled with preservative solution
  5. Once timber has been impregnated with preservative, timber is removed from the dipping tank
  6. Timber left to drip dry


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The importance of effective and environmentally sustainable wood preservation methods cannot be overstated. Our many years in the industry (under the Tweddle Engineering brand) led to the development of a range of wood preservation techniques, and some brand new, award winning timber treatment technologies! The importance of timber treatment is unlikely to wane so learn how our innovative wood treatment technology solutions benefited these companies!

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