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Timber Treatment Plant Control Systems Optimised By Timber Preservation Technologies

In 2017 the team at Timber Preservation Technologies developed control systems to monitor wood treatment process with ease. No more will your pressure or vacuum treated timber output suffer from unpredictable quality issues! Take your timber treatment equipment to the next level of efficiency with TPT’s proprietary control and monitoring systems that take the guesswork and chance out of timber preservation!

Find out the benefits of process optimisation with Optitrak and Optitreat below!


Optitrak – the Complete Timber Treatment Plant Production Monitor

Combined with our innovative OptiTrak system; an easy to use PC based system that provides Charge Records and Plant Performance Analysis, you will be able to monitor the wood treatment process with ease. OptiTrak provides a Charge Traceability Database and integration to receive charge data from the site timber management system.

The control system comes with remote support and on site commissioning and training is provided by Timber Preservation Technologies’ staff.

  • Remote Support
  • Charge Traceability Database
  • Timber Treatment Plant Performance Analysis
  • Provides Timber Charge Records
  • Easy to use PC based timber treatment monitoring system
  • Integration to receive charge data from site timber management system
  • On site commissioning and training

Charge Records

Charge Records contain the following data as standard:

  • Timber Species
  • Commodity
  • Wood Use Class information
  • Timber Preservative Solution Strength
  • Treatment Type/Colour
  • Timber Charge Volume
  • Preservative Uptake Volume per cubic metre
  • Initial Vacuum Level and Duration
  • Pressure Level and Duration
  • Final Vacuum Level and Duration
  • These parameters can be fully customised to suit your requirements

Timber treatment plant performance analysis

Plant Performance Analysis includes data on

  • Lost Production Time
  • Operator Efficiency
  • Phase Skip Reason
  • Pump Performance and Expected Lifetime


OptiTreat – Optimise Your Timber TREATMENT PROCESS For Improved Profits

The OptiTreat Control System is an easy to use HMI based system which gives you all of the features of OptiTrak, but without the reporting and performance monitoring modules.

  • Multiple charge types
  • Controls mixing operations through flow meters
  • On site commissioning and training
  • Remote Support


The OptiTreat Control System is an easy to use HMI based system.


Special offers

Timber Preservation Technologies will conduct a full Timber Treatment Plant Suitability Survey to assess the suitability of your site and your existing wood preservative treatment systems to ensure that your investment will deliver a substantial return!

Discover your company’s potential for increased profits for as little as €1,000 plus labour and travel.

Contact our team to discuss your requirements today.


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Case Studies – Coming Soon

The importance of effective and environmentally sustainable wood preservation methods cannot be overstated. Our many years in the industry (under the Tweddle Engineering brand) led to the development of a range of wood preservation techniques, and some brand new, award winning timber treatment technologies! The importance of timber treatment is unlikely to wane so learn how our innovative wood treatment technology solutions benefited these companies!

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